What our families are saying:

"We adore this program and cannot recommend it highly enough! My son and daughter both loves spending time with Lisset on her adventures! Lisset has such a wonderful way with littles and shares her love of nature and Spanish. I love that they’re getting outside time and Spanish language!!! " - Jessica C. Mother

"Lisset has played a huge role in my daughter's love of the outdoors, nature, and adventure is largely down to Lisset Orozco. She is wonderful with the children and really sparks their curiosity and teaches them Spanish along with it! " - Siobhán R. Mother

¨Lisset is the absolute best!!! If you’re looking for a fun summer activity for your kids that will tucker them out, connect them with nature and expose them to Spanish, I cannot recommend her enough¨ Kayla C. Mother

¨Lisset has a natural flair to ground children in nature - to encourage them to explore, get dirty, cherish, and protect. We are so grateful that she is helping our next generation to become stewards of our planet. It has been especially precious during a global pandemic to have children engaging each other, outdoors, the safest place for all of us ¨ - Anna G. Mother 

¨I highly recommend checking out Lisset Orozco´s Spanish Club this summer. She is wise, creative and caring. She fosters multiculturalism, love for the environment, healthy eating habits and creativity as kids learn and practice Spanish along the way ¨ 

- Brenda A. Filmmaker 

 ¨We were so fortunate to have found such an incredible opportunity for our little one to participate in. Highly recommend Lisset, she is caring and patient with the kiddos and really pours her heart into creating a safe, inclusive and encouraging environment for them to explore both nature and Spanish! ¨ - Stephanie B. Mother

¨ My five-year-old loved doing Fridays with Lisset at Spanish Nature Club this summer. He was nervous at drop-off the first day, but Lisset assured me at pick-up that he calmed down quickly and had a wonderful time. He has gained so much knowledge about our local natural spaces and picked up quite a bit of Spanish, but the biggest thing I noticed is how much his confidence has increased. He has always been a bit of a cautious kid when it comes to taking physical risks but on a family hike at the end of the summer, I was so impressed by how confidently he was moving his body and making decisions about river crossings, tree climbing, and navigating narrow paths. We would recommend Spanish Nature Club to anyone interested and will absolutely be joining again next summer! ¨ -Tatiana S. Mother

What started as maybe a temporary activity for my daughter during the fall has become almost a year of weekly attendance. It’s something she looks forward to every week! She comes home excited to tell me all the things she saw, lizards, banana slugs, birds, starfish, and has really connected and bonded with Lisset. Happy we have discovered this fun and educational experience for her. Can’t wait for my son to be old enough to attend as well! Nicole C. Mother

Lisset Orozco´s Spanish Nature Club is magic.  My shy and overly cautious daughter has become so much more confident: boldly climbing trees, little by little splashing in the water in the river and the beach, going on long hikes and carrying her own pack.  Out of all her activities, Nature Club is her favorite, where she gets intimate with Mother Earth, learns about plants, trees, birds, bugs and other animals.  She loves bringing her flashlight and magnifying glass, paying attention to all she sees, and drawing in her journal. Best learning ever, and it reinforces her Spanish.  I highly recommend it. Magaly M. Mother