About us

Luna dog, my daughters and me holding a banana

Our Teacher

Lisset Orozco

Founder Director and Guide in this adventure

Hola, I am a local mother of two wonderful daughters 13 and 15... They have been my best teachers and the two people who most challenge me to be a better mom, person, and professional every day.

I am also a nature lover, a passionate teacher. I started my journey back in the 90's, in México, volunteering as a Literacy Teacher. On the side, I completed my degree and participated in research projects aimed at educational, cultural, and environmental issues, in México and Latin America. I moved to Santa Cruz 17 years ago and since then I have served dozens of families, either as a Spanish tutor, nature educator, or childcare provider. I love getting kids outside to experience all the amazing emotional, physical, and mental benefits that nature provides, and I love what bilingualism brings to our being, brain, communities, and society. In my free time I enjoy reading, running, and hiking barefoot with my daughters and dog Luna.

UAM B.A. Politics & Social Sciences, Diploma in Education and Cultural Integration, Teacher's assistant at the UNAM Institute for Social Research-IIS, English bilingual, Spanish native,

CPR and Wilderness First Aid certified; Fingerprint cleared.

Member of: California Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education

Having snack with the kids

My Philosophy

Teaching and mentoring with soul and attachment.

Spanish Nature Club is an opportunity to have fun, connect and learn about the ecosystems that surround us and the Spanish language. The ultimate goal is for children to get excited about exploring and discovering the natural world while we play together. And the Spanish language is introduced naturally as we spend quality time together.

My teaching method is based on attachment. I am the teacher and one-with the children. I engage with them in order to nurture a connection that will facilitate their interest in my native language, Spanish.